[03-06-2006] Update!!!

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[03-06-2006] Update!!!

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Now, what's this? An actual update? :shock:

YES! I've actually managed to, after 7 months, come back with a real update for good!

The real reason is this I made up for a friend:

New Spells: Liquify Armor added to Arcane Magic

... but since I now had started, I decided to update the Bookstore with all the newest Forgotten Realms Novels!
... that is, those which came out after the latest update...

The Erevis Cale Trilogy - Midnight's Mask
House of Serpents - Vanity's Brood
The Year of Rogue Dragons - Ruin
The Watercourse Trilogy - The Wavewhisper
The Last Mythal - The Final Gate & Realms of the Elves
The Wizards - Bloodwalk & Blackstaff
The Legend of Drizzt - The Halfling's Gem, The Legacy & Starless Night
The Fighters - Master of Chains, Ghostwalker, Son of Thunder & Bladesinger

And who knows, there might be more updates in the future? :wink:

- Hogan
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