Can't upload images to avatar

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Can't upload images to avatar

Post by NeoDarklight »

I've got 4 different pictures I can use as an avatar, made by a friend of mine, and for some stupid reason, the forum won't resize any of them. The smallest is 113x113 pixels, while the largest is 283x283 pixels. They're all within the file size limit, too. Help please?

EDIT: NVM. I found a way around it by linking to the DA page image it comes from. Took me 4 tries, too. Leaving this here 'cause it's still a problem.
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Re: Can't upload images to avatar

Post by Hogan »

Okay, this MAY have been caused by what caused the latest Forum lock-out... memory limit having been accidently reached.
Do try to upload the avatar again normally and see if it still gives the same mistake...
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