Alignments... with references!

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Alignments... with references!

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I just found this alternative Alignment Explanation in the webcomic of Goblin Hollow/Under the Lemon Tree.... :lol:

And besides being great fun, I think they have hit many of the aligments spot on, with great references that can help
Unfortunately I must nod to the explanation about True Neutral, all too many times have I seen players refer to True Neutral as the "I'm Neutral, therefore I can do everything I want!"-aligment.
Off course there's more to the alignment than this, and it's actually one of the hardest aligments to play since you mist remember to keep your neutrality and base all your decisions based on this!

Well, what do you think of the aligments as they are presented here? Do you have a better way to explain them to clueless players?
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