Return of the Dragoneers

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Return of the Dragoneers

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*dusts off his desk and chair, then sits down, removing a moldy DM screen before pulling up a big tome from his bag...*

Yes, I'm back... :)

It's not a secret that Realm of the Dragoneers has been more or less dead for the last 2-3 years, no new stuff posted, no new nothing... not even a pip from yours sincerely regarding its state and future... until now.

The reason for the hiatus and stop of the flow of new material was... lack of spirits. :(
Some 3 years ago I played my last game, and already a year or more before that, my last group disbanded... how can you keep on going when there's no outlet for your gaming energy, no place to try out your creative creations...

But, yesterday I played again for the first time in years, and granted it was a one-man adventure run by my friend Thampion (making this too one of the rare occasions where I have been allowed to actually play), it was enough to rekindle my gaming spirit and make the adrenaline flow, the first seeds of creativeness once again sparked.

In short... I'm back with a vengeance, a love for gaming and an interest in once again taking up some work on Realm of the Dragoneers, perhaps even getting new material added.

Sorry for the hiatus, I'll try not to make it a habit ;)

- Hogan
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