Crossover Wars Debriefing Room

This is the shared forum for all the comic and events of the 2007 webcomic event of the Crossover Wars.
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Re: Crossover Wars Debriefing Room

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I nominate philosopher for the rescue mission. Yeah it is me philosopher I just can't post until nov 2
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Re: Crossover Wars Debriefing Room

Post by Hogan »

Well, 2 out of 3, without really planning it out, thats not bad, isn't it? :)

Keybounce2 wrote: Oh -- Add "Zortic" to the list of broken links. Site was re-organized, and the older (pre-2008) comics seem gone.
I know, Mark has promised to let me know when he gets the old strips up and online again... in the meantime I have put a disclaimer on the front page of the Hub, notifying that some links may be dead at the moment...
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