After Action report. How do you think it went?

Artists unite! Join up for the great Western-themed Halloween Cameo Party of 2006 taking place in the town of Shelterville.

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There won't be any problem with getting Division/bell involved... it might just be through slightly different means. As yet I have no idea who will be involved with next year's Caper, however; Alex and Gray might not me around anymore. *ominous foreshadowing* - Ominous Cow Productions. Confusing and offending the masses since 2004.

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Tinkerbell wrote:*pokes* that's *Mysterious* Cloak Guy ^_--
Err, whoops!

On the other hand if you give him a wand & a cool transformation sequence... *runs & hides*
Tinkerbell wrote:This could actually be a bit of a problem if the caper gets much bigger; we're gonna have to make sure all characters have something distinctive about them so we can tell them apart (I'm thinking particularly cat furries
So you think my plan of turning Gertrude & Brunhilda into catgirls who ocaasionally wear black cloaks for no good reason is a mistake? :wink:
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Don't make me push you off a waterfall in the trunk again...

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