Speculation Thread!

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Speculation Thread!

Post by FF7Kotrt »

You all should know what to do here, spot something strange? Post it! Got an idea where the plot's going? Post it! Got a Post it note? Wait....

Anyway, speculations go here. Have at it!

Oh, and Don't hurt me just because one of me turned traitor. Please? It wasn't my fault!

Edit: By: It wasn't my fault! I don't mean I didn't decide he was going to turn traitor, just... It wasn't my fault!

Think on that for a while.
Amon Star
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Hardened Rookie
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Post by Amon Star »

I blame VOR. But that's because it involves time travel.

Anyway, speck. I think that Dr Catastrophe's robot battle suit will get disabled somehow & he will be forced to fight mono on mono with our old dude.

What, I can't remember his name right now.
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