Smile for the camera... (Finished version and Badge inside!)

Artists unite! Join up for the great Western-themed Halloween Cameo Party of 2006 taking place in the town of Shelterville.

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Lady Arcadia
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Petty Toddler
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Post by Lady Arcadia »

I think I can do my own lil version of that for the Caper.
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Post by Hogan »

Sounds great Senshi! 8)

Btw, with it be okay if I go and post the badge at the front page of the Crossover Archive already now... before the drawing has appeared in the comic(s)?
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Green Apprentice
Green Apprentice
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Post by feyd »

Oh, definitely. I've already posted it another forum where I was advertising the crossover, and I'd love to see it anywhere folks want to put it. I'm quite proud of it... *smiles* - Ominous Cow Productions. Confusing and offending the masses since 2004.
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