Sharing Readership/Connecting Strips Together

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Sharing Readership/Connecting Strips Together

Post by Darian »

I would like to suggest an idea and see what people think about it.

I think that all strips participating in the storyline should include messages leading to and from the comics before and after them in the story. For example:
This story is continued from [yesterday/today]'s [other comic name] at [other comic site url]
To Be Continued, in [today/tomorrow]'s [other comic name] at [other comic site url].
I'm planning on adding this to my own strips right in the comic jpeg, in case the design and layout of my site ever changes, so that the crossover stream is preserved for the future.

I also think posting all of the comics to a thread on the messageboard is a good idea :)

What are your thoughts, my friends?

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Post by Hogan »

To this good idea I can add, that on the Caper's homepage, I will try to keep an continually updated storyline with appropiate links and thumbnails showing the Caper's run throughout the storylines.

That site will be kept for posterity, and I'll furthermore make sure to save a copy of each strip directly associated with the Halloween Cameo Caper, so even if some of your comics go out of business and disappears sometime in the future, the run of the Caper can still be kept intact.

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Post by feyd »

I was planning on doing something like the following (probably at the top of the page, on both the current comic and the archived ones):

"This strip is part of the Halloween Cameo Caper 2006! (with that being a link to the Caper page) It picks up after the events here, and is followed by the events here!"

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Post by Tinkerbell »

Good ideas all... Because all my comics for the caper happen pretty much one after the other and are coming out all on one day, do people mind if there's only a link before page 1 and after page 3? I don't think there's likely to be any continuity to other comics between my pages.

One thing I will be doing is putting up links to all the comics from which I've taken cameo characters as part of my copyright declaration (y'know, 'so-and-so is copyright <artist/writer> of <link to comic>, used with permission as part of the <link>Halloween Cameo Caper 2006').

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Post by Wheels »

I will also plan to provide links of all cameos + the main site.
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