Er, what's the opposite of doing an RSVP?

Artists unite! Join up for the great Western-themed Halloween Cameo Party of 2006 taking place in the town of Shelterville.

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McFarlane Salsa
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Awestruck Listener
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Er, what's the opposite of doing an RSVP?

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Keen watchers of my comic (i.e. me) will have noticed my comic has stopped updating whilst I move to University and get used to a new schedule. So, I doubt I will have time to do this as well as Atlantis.

Sorry. I will, however, look forward to reading everyone else's efforts.
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Post by Hogan »

Damn... :(

Well, I feared so after having noticed the lack of updates on Atlantis, but... well, a man can still hope, right? :wink:

Well, give Uni a kick and hopefully you've gathered enough strength to return next year! 8)

Until then Salsa!
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