[26-06-2006] New Books and Items

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[26-06-2006] New Books and Items

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Strange but true, the second update within a month is reality... :shock:

Guess it's time to invest in the snowshoe-enterprises in hell! :twisted:

Well, first there's a couple of New Items in the 2nd Edition Armory section, namely the Shield Shield and the Force Shield.
Furthermore, you can in the 2nd Edition Oils & Potions section now find the Oil of No Smell!

Besides adding a couple of items, we've also updated with a bunch of new books for the section of 3rd Edition D&D Game-Stuff!

We can now proudly present the following in the Bookstore:

Fiendish Codex 1: Hordes of the Abyss
Players Handbook II
Monsters Manual IV
Complete Psionic
Magic of Incarnum
Heroes of Horror
Spell Compendium
Races of the Dragon
Tome of Magic

- Hogan
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