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Artists unite! Join up for the great Western-themed Halloween Cameo Party of 2006 taking place in the town of Shelterville.

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Death By Pixel/RSVP

Post by OmegaHedgehog »

Heya! I was browsing through some old IRC log files and I noticed a link to this little party you're going to be throwing this fall. If you don't mind, Jared and Matt, my two main characters, would love to attend. Their bios and character designs can be seen below; ... dcolor.png ... tcolor.png

The actual comic is located at; if you need any extra info on their habits, personalities, ect, just look there for reference. Though, do realize that Matt just underwent a design change, so when drawing him, just go by the picture I just posted.

Right! See you guys at Halloween! Can't wait to draw some of the other characters I've seen around the board. A little change of artistic pace might be good for once =P

[I do realize that trying to fit two characters would could be aptly described as mainly "gamer characters" will be a challenge if the actual setting is in the 1800s; however, luckily, this is a challenge I'll be willing to take ^_~]
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Post by Hogan »

Hey Omega!

Hooray for you for joining the Halloween Party! Somehow I think the hillbillies and gunslingers of the Wild West is in for a threat when Matt and Jared comes by at one scary Hallowen Caper!

Good precise references I say, they will no doubt come in handy for the other participants in the Caper!

Looking forward to the Caper, but just keep up the good job until then! :wink:

- Hogan
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