Xade is back in the action with a new webcomic idea

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Xade is back in the action with a new webcomic idea

Post by Xade »

With the way my book turned out the original Insanity of Xade is now dead, or at least needs so much patching up that I'll never get back to it. The ideas are there, but I really don't want to revisit it. Instead I am pushing a cast of characters to the fore, who's time is 500 years before Alex and his motley crew.

Sophie Hedgeox was just a normal human until her boss, Dr Gene Oxy turned her work against her and transformed her into an anthropomorphic hedgehog fox with a little polecat mixed in. Once she and her friends escape, they try to stop Oxy transforming the populace into all kinds of animals, some crossbreeds, some not. It's tricky however, since he is such a charismatic man who can talk the shirt off you back in the dead of winter, and he cons the populace into thinking that becoming part animal is the next step in evolution.

This story is loosely inspired by the Sonic the Hedgehog games and comics. I plan on making use of Blender and unreal engine, which is actually a gaming software but I'm certain that I can make it work. There is a lot of support on the forums and unlike daz3d I control everything about it, from the shaders to the content. Plus, once I master it I can also work on a game with the crew and possibly revisit IoX one day.

Now, why did I come here to post in the dragoneers? because this comic WILL be crossover/cameo friendly. I haven't decided the name of the comic yet, but Hogan will be sharpening his axe on this one and stocking up on his flame fuel. And of course my chipfox avatar will be redone in the new style, you can view my blog for the girl and boy preview.

*runs away*

PS. I am going to be moving Insanity of Xade to a new subdomain http://iox.xade.us (not copied over yet) so be warned that Insanity of Xade WILL be taken down.

PPS I need to get my forum renamed or possibly a new one once I settle on the name and start updating. With luck I can do 3 times a week if it will work out as smoothly as I think it's going to.
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Re: Xade is back in the action with a new webcomic idea

Post by Hogan »

Xadie! :D

I'm sorry to hear Insanity of Xade will not be continued (except that my copy of your book now soon will be worth a fortune!), but I'm looking foward to see what you will have in store for us from here on :)

Let me know what will be needed on your forums and I will change/set it up promptly! :cheers:

Good to hear from you and have you back in action! :D

- Hogan
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