[Fanfic] Turn of the Ladies

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[Fanfic] Turn of the Ladies

Post by Hogan »

This is a short fanfic I once did for D&P over at the old forum, now lost to spam...

The fic has been done with full permission from Caitlin (the blessed almighty Goddess that she is) who DID get a review of the first part of the story... after having seen the later parts she probably regretted her permission...

The story has nothing to do with present continuity, and probably never will...

The reason for this being in readable English, goes by the name of Mravac Kid.

There are 4 parts, and I will post them as I did originally, despite a few errors I've later found and fixed.

C&C is always welcome...

Part 1

“Is she gone?” The nervous whisper from the closet interrupted Brigthons silent praying.
Very slowly he moved a little bit forward and peeked out from below the bed. The room was indeed empty.

“It’s ok, she’s gone!” Brigthon pulled himself completely out from under the bed and stood up, irritated brushing himself from dust and cobwebs.

A low creaking was heard from the closet, then the door opened and Karo stuck his head out and looked around. When he didn’t see anything more dangerous than a slightly dirty and mumbling Brigthon, he broke into a wide grin and stepped out. While he did so, a little frog crawled out from his breast-pocket and positioned itself on his right shoulder.

“Boy! Am I glad she didn’t catch us! Even through the keyhole she looked mean enough to sleep in broken glass and crack nuts with her armpits… where has she received the Call? The rockery?”

Brigthon nodded, even smiling a little “Well, it wasn’t her we came looking for, so obviously we’ve hit the wrong room, let’s get out and try another wi….” His eyes focused on the window they’d accessed through. It was a nice window, broad enough to accommodate a medium figure and not so high above the floor that you would have to climb to get back out again. However, currently it lacked the rope they had used to scale the walls.

He swallowed… “Karo… tell me YOU did fasten the rope after I removed the grappling hook?”

Karo smiled sheepishly: “Nope, I thought you did? Sorry, I panicked when I heard Mrs. Stronginthearm turn the key in the lock!”

Brigthon cursed mildly, He himself hadn’t hesitated either when he’d heard the door being unlocked, but dived beneath the bed with reflexes keen on keeping him safe and sound.

He sat down on the bed with a worried scowl.

“How are we going to continue from here? She is not here, and if we must go search for her…” his voice trailed off, and he looked down at himself… “I think we might stick out more than a little bit in an all-female college… don’t you think?”

He punched his fist into the sheets “Drat! I wish we’d never taken that quest from the baron. This sneaking around nuns private quarters isn’t the proper stuff of ballads!”

Lost in gloomy contemplations of their situation, he absentmindedly opened a small drawer in the cupboard next to the bed and looked into it. He instantly went red and hammered the drawer shut again, looking around and whistling a tune nonchalantly.

Karo, his back turned and only listening with half an ear, was busy rummaging through the contents of his former hiding place. It mostly consisted of various nun-outfits, as diverging as an Invokers arsenal.

He cocked his head a little as if listening to something Brigthon couldn’t hear, replying to whatever it was he heard
“Ok, it’s an idea, but do you think it’ll work? Nope, stripes won’t do… okay!”

Then he turned his head and looked back at Brigthon with a huge grin

Brigthon looked at him more than a little perplexed and worried… “What? What?”

He told him.

Brighthon groaned.


They moved down the hallway slowly, trying to act like they were just ordinary moving pieces of the hall-scenery, and not trespassing at all.

Luckily for them the hallway was quite empty for a good while, but when they rounded a corner they suddenly saw a stern middle-aged woman with the emblems of a Hall-Mistress coming in their direction, they felt their luck running to a halt.

Quickly they both turned and suddenly appeared to be lost in admiration of a brightly painted fresco, depicting the God Ilnus delivering the 116 recipes to his faithful.
The ruse seemed to work because the Mistress walked right past behind them, not giving them a second look.

As soon as she had passed, they both hurriedly turned to continue, then abruptly stopped as they heard the commanding voice behind them: “Where are you heading at this time of night sisters? Why are you not in your cells or in the Hall, preparing for the teachings tomorrow?”

Brigthon pulled the hood closer to hide his blushing face, but Karo turned and gave the Hall-Mistress a bright smile

“Oh, it’s just sister Brigthie!” he motioned towards Brigthon that felt himself getting smaller. “She isn’t feeling very well so I was taking her to the… sickroom!”

“Sickroom? You mean the hospital? Then you are in the wrong wing… “She looked at them again “Pray young sisters, I don’t remember you in the staff… who are you?” She gave them a searching look that Brighton felt could look right through their disguises and probably scorch the wall behind them.

“Oh! You wouldn’t remember us” Brigthon could hear Karo’s voice rise into a nervous pitch “We’ve just arrived, being transferred from the school in… Torque. Yep! That’s right, Torgue!”

“Oh… you’re from that heathen pit Then I guess that’s why your manners are as they are” she scowled “But it won’t be tolerated much longer! Here we work on discipline, teachers and girls alike!”
“Now, get to the hospital and get a remedy for you sister “ She nodded towards Brigthon who bowed deeply to hide his face, “… and then get back to your cells.”!

She turned to leave, but was stopped by Karo, “Eh… where is the hospital?”

“Down the hall, up the stairs, second wing to the right, just opposite the student’s dormitory…” she replied, waving her hand around like if her gestures would magically engrave the directions in their minds.

“Dormitory?” Karo’s face broke into a smile that, if it has been any wider, would have caused the top of his head to fall off. “Right you are Mistress! We’ll hurry along to the dor… hospital!”

He took Brigthon by his arm and almost pushed him down the corridor.

When they were out if sight and earshot Karo made a little jump in delight. “The dormitory! Off course, that’s where she is… and we even got directions! I told you it would work!”

He grinned, “Actually. I’m sure glad we left that big oaf Ulf outside, I don’t think we could have talked him through… although he would have been nice to have at hand should the nutcracker had found us!”

He giggled, obviously imagining the Orc’s hulking stature being stuffed into a nun’s outfit.

“Actually, I think he was the smart one staying out of this…” Brigthon thought, nothing seeing the fun, his face still burning red from the embarrassing situation of finding himself in nuns outfit and being referred to as ‘Brigthie’.

“Come on! Let’s find her and get her out of here before this situation gets any more stickier!” he told Karo as they both hurried along.
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Part 2

Post by Hogan »

Here we go with the re-posting of the 2nd part.

Thanks goes to Caitlin for letting me play with her characters, and to Mravac Kid for keeping the part readable...

Well, read on if you like... and remember, C&C is welcome!

Part 2

Brigton put his head around the corner and looked down the lantern-lightened hallway.

“Is she still there?” Karo asked from behind.

Brighton withdrew his head and nodded “She’s still guarding the door to the girl’s dormitory, it looks like they are very keen on keeping the bedtime here!”

“How are we then going to get in and get her then?” Karo looked around nervously. They had waited for more that an hour for the appointed nun to leave her post, and they had just barely managed to avoid having their cover blown as other hall-walkers had commented on the two nuns loitering around. ‘Kara’ and ‘Brightie’ had kept their disguise, although with some difficulties, but sooner or later someone was bound to become too curious.

With that in mind Brighton looked around and his eyes landed on the door opposite their place of stalking. He stepped across the hallway, turned the doorknob and opened the door, then he smiled and looked to Karo “This is a linen storage-room, we can hide out here for a few hours until the guard leaves, then we can sneak in and get her out!”

Exalted they both entered the spacious storage-room with its linen-filled shelves, and closed the door behind them, leaving just a tiny crack for them to watch the hallway outside.

With bundles of clean white soft linen they made themselves comfortable and prepared to wait until the coast was clear. However, once they had settled down, the excitement of their breaking and entering and the rush of adrenaline it had brought with it began to take its toll… and sleepiness started to enter their limbs and minds.

His eyelids getting heavier, Brighton struggled to keep awake, but to no avail. “Karo, you say when it’s time… “, he mumbled while he finally succumbed to sleep.

“O’ay…” Karo mumbled, similarly half in his sleep… “Just you wake me up then…”

Soon only the soft snores and the guttural curses of a small frog could be heard among the stacks of linen.


They were both jolted awake by the heavy tolling of bells. Sleepy-eyed they looked around, trying to get their bearings.
Shaking his head to remove the cobwebs of sleep, Karo stopped as the little frog jumped up on his shoulder from a nearby stack of linen and started to jump up and down.

“Morons? What do you mean…?” Karo listened for another second, then opened his eyes wide in shock. He looked at Brigton who looked back at him then they both as once realized what had taken place. In unison they jumped to the door and one over the other, looked through the crack out into the sunlight-filled hallway. What they saw made their spirits drop like weight-stones.

In the hallway, a long line of nightshift clad young girls walked past the door, most of them sprouting tousled morning hair and trying without much luck to hide their yawns. They were all carrying white towels slung across their shoulders, though some of them were dragging it after them while they trance-like and mechanically followed their friends.

“Damn!” Brighton cursed, “We’ve overslept! Now there’s no way we’ll be able to find her without being discovered and subjected to… rulers!” He shuddered, bad memories surfacing.

He let himself heavily down on a pile of linen and sulked with his head in his hands

“Why this? It was to be the perfect ballad of a heroic rescue of the maiden from her prison! This…” he looked down at his nun-outfit, wrinkled after having been slept in… “… is tragedy!”
Furiously he pulled the outfit off and threw it in the corner… straightening his own jacket, he gave it a kick for good measure.

Karo, having mostly ignored Brighton’s outburst, still stood with his eyes glued to the crack in the door. Suddenly he gave a little jerk and pressed his head closer to the crack… “Yes… Yes! … I see! I see!”

Brighton turned and looked at him questing “What now?”

Without turning Karo waved him closer… “Hurry, come and take a look!”
When Brighton stepped up, he reluctantly moved a little and allowed him room for a peek through the crack.

“See the last girl, the dark-haired with the…” Brighton’s elbow caught him in the rib as he jerked and shut up…

“By Finder! It’s her!” Brighton exclaimed in joy and surprise.

Both men looked at the young fair girl with tousled raven hair that came last of line as she passed their hideout. She walked a little behind the other girls, dragging her towel and yawning as though she was about to swallow an Imp whole.

“Okay, we’ve found her, now what? We can’t just…” Karo almost fell forward when Brighton resolute pushed the door open and stepped out in the hallway, right behind the sleepy-eyed girl. He looked quickly up and down the hall, seeing no-one coming after her and the other girls far down the hall, he then reached out and grabbed the girl around her wrist, putting a hand over her mouth, muting her gasp of surprise.

Shocked Karo moved aside and allowed room for Brighton dragging his still only partially awake captive into the storage-room. Speechless and without taking his eyes from the tableau, he reached out to drag the girl’s dropped towel into the room, closing the door with his other hand.

As the situation became clear for the sleepy girl, her consciousness jolted awake, and she began struggling against Brighton’s hold with all the fury of a captured bobcat, flailing for his face with her fingernails and tried to bite the hand covering her mouth. It took all Brighton’s strength to subdue the wildcat, and in order to avoid the inventible loss of an eye or a finger, he quickly bent down and whispered into her ear: “Easy! Easy! We are not here to hurt you! We are here to rescue you!”

The girl stiffened in his grasp, and she stopped her struggling. Her eyes turned to look at him with a searing questioning glare.

“If I remove my hand, do you promise not to scream?” Brighton asked, matching her stare.

As the girl nodded, he removed his hand and let go of her. Immediately she crawled to the opposite wall and turned to face the door where Karo and Brighton sat looking at her.

“Who are you? What are you doing here? How did you come in? What are you going to rescue me from?” The questions shot out of her mouth like spikes from a Manticora’s tail.

Brighton held out his hands to hold off her questioning assault. “We are here to get you out of this prison my lady. Your father Baron Seiver has hired us to help you away from this place where his enemies have kept you hostage for nefarious purposes!”

Karo rolled his eyes as he listened to Brighton’s storyteller voice, already giving words to how this would sound in his future ballads about their heroic efforts.

Hearing this, the girl’s eyes went vivid and she looked at Brighton as though he had just changed shape in front of her.

“My father? The Baron? What in the known world do you two think you are doing working for him?”

Both men looked at her perplexed “Ehh… getting you out?” Karo hazarded…

“Getting me out?” she growled between clenched teeth “After all the trouble my mother went through to get me to safety here? Safety from my father… the Baron!”

Karo swallowed and Brighton looked crestfallen “You mean… you are here of your own free will?”

“Yes, even after my parent’s divorce, my father wanted to marry me off to a distant cousin, to gain more land, fortune and power. So to keep me safe, my mother got me into this school where my father’s evil cohorts could not touch me!”
She eyed them with a stare that could have turned wood into smoking kindling “Off course my father would find a way to get to Do-Gooders to get in and do his dirty job for him!”

They cowered under her glare, and this made her soften her voice and eye them with a slight impish smile.

“Well, I guess my father must have filled your eyes and ears with many lies, he is good at that… I know, I’m his daughter!” she pulled her legs up to her chest, “Say, I’ll give you a chance to make it out of here with your limbs and manhood still intact. I’ll wait 30 seconds with screaming for help, that’ll give you a head start… nice of me, don’t you think?”

As their answer, they both quickly scrambled to their feet and burst out of the door followed by her light girlish laughter. When the door closed behind them, Karo turned to Brighton and asked sheepishly: “What now?”

Brighton took a deep breath “One word Karo... RUN!!” At the last syllable, he immediately went from a standing position to a full run, sprinting down the hallway as though a devil was right on his heels. Karo looked surprised after him for a brief moment, the quickly hitched up his skirts as best as he could and sprinted after him.

Behind them the first mocking screams of alarm arose from the lined-filled storage-room!
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Post by Hogan »

And.... third part of this little fanfic

Characters and world is the official property of Caitlin Woods who has decided to let me live for using it, even after this... for this I thank her.

Readability is thank to Mravac Kid!

Here we go, C&C is welcome and appreciated (flamers will be short at daylight)

Part 3

With the mixed screams for help mingled with impish mocking laughter ringing in their ears, Brighton and Karo fled down the early morning-light filled corridors as though a demon was hot on their heels. Taking into the consideration the rumoured legendary punishments known by the staff of nun-ruled boarding schools across the worlds, this was perhaps not as far from the truth as one might think!

Having a head start, Brighton reached the end of the corridor first and rounded the corner, then suddenly stopped as he faced the intersection of several corridors. Panting he franticly looked around, then Karo, his headdress partly obscuring his vision and hands occupied with holding up his skirts for better speed, too rounded the corner in full flight and continued past him.

“Stop!” Brighton yelled and grabbed for Karo as he blundered past. He managed to get a hold at his nun-outfit at the back of the neck, and was rewarded with a hoarse strangled gasp as Karo’s momentum was abruptly cut short and he was yanked backwards to fall on his back.

“What?” Karo croaked as he turned while massaged his neck, suffering from the minor whiplash.

“Sorry, but we need to know where we are going! We need to get out of here for good!” Brighton replied, looking nervously back towards the corner from whence they had come. The mocking cries for help from their should-be damsel in distress had subsided, but were replaced by an alarming ruckus increasing in level.

“You can say that again!” Karo gasped and jumped to his feet, “So why did we stop? I have no intention waiting for anyone we can ask for direction!”

“No!” We can’t just run headless around without a clue! We don’t know these halls! We could get lost or run straight into something… awful!” Brighton looked down the corridors with a worried expression. The activity around the corner and further down the hall grew in level.

“Then let’s hide out in here until we know what to do!” Karo exclaimed, and before Brighton could reply he ran to the wall and pulled open the stout oaken door right beside where they’d stopped their frantic run, then he stopped, completely frozen in motion, hand still resting on the door.

After a few seconds where not a muscle flinched and the only motion had been the small frog wriggle its way out through a rift in the nun-outfit’s fabric to look puzzled up at Karo’s glassy expression, Brighton’s curiosity won over his fear of the pursuers, and he stepped up and looked past Karo to see what unspeakable horror the man faced.
What he saw made his jaw drop.

The door opened into a large moist and steam-filled room where girlish laughter and giggles could be heard through the heat-filled mists drifting from the large water-filled vats placed in alcoves along the walls. Amid the twirling fogs, about 30-40 more or less half-dressed young girls in the age between 16-21 went about their morning toilette, laughing and pranking with each other. From the warm and inviting tubs in the alcoves closest to the door, splashing sounds could be heard, and though they were rigged so as a light cloth could be pulled across the opening to assure privacy, very few had been done so, and Brighton felt the heat raising in his cheeks from what he glimpsed through the openings.

Hardly daring to neither move nor breathe the two unlucky rescuers were unable to tear themselves away from the sight played out in front of them, and not even the muffled but worried croaking from Karo’s inner pocket could bring them down to attention.

It took a while before a sleepy voice broke the spell: “Oh no, is it time already sister?” A young brown-haired girl only clad in a thin damp nightshift addressed Karo from a bench outside one of the alcoves near them. She was sleepy-eyed combing her long tresses and only looked at him out of the corner of her eye.

Very slowly Karo turned towards her with a triangular grin that filled most of his face. He tried to reply, but the only thing he could utter was a few half-hearted sounds…

“I’m sorry sister, I didn’t quite get that?” they girl stopped combing and looked questioning up at Karo stilled dressed in his nun-outfit, then her eyes widened as she caught sight of Brighton standing right next to him.

With a scream that, if one octave higher, could have shattered a leaden church-window, she threw away her comb and jumped behind the cloth that covered the nearest alcove. A huge splash told about the hazards of haste combined with wet slate-floors.

However, her scream had brought the attention of each and every of the girls on the two young men in the door… well, one man at least, and the scream-filled confusion that broke out could have rivalled that from an all-out sale at an Elven lingerie shop as each and every girl scrambled for cover, grabbing pieces of clothing to cover themselves on their way.

The screaming shook Brighton completely out of whatever dreamy dimension his mind currently occupied, and he feverishly grabbed a good hold at Karo and pulled him out and away from the door, kicking it shut at the same time, muffling the frantic screaming.

He was just about to run for his life when he noticed the still rigid state of Karo, his huge frozen smile and the dreaming state of his eyes. Hearing shouts and running feet from the corridor from which they themselves had arrived just moments before, he wasted no time but turned and slapped Karo hard twice on his cheek, bringing the young wizard back to reality.

“Hey!” Karo shouted angrily, putting a hand to his burning cheek… “What did you do that fo…”

He was violently interrupted as a score of fierce looking nuns together with staff-wielding porters rounded the corner.

“There they are! Get the intruders!” a grim middle-aged nun with a voice of steel shouted and pointed towards them with a shaking finger that spoke of holy determines and hard times ahead for two would-be kidnappers should they get caught!

Without a word and as of one mind, Karo and Brighton turned and ran for the best of their lives, Karo pulling off and throwing away his headdress to allow for a faster and safer run.

With the pursuers right on their heels they ran headless through corridor after corridor, dodging surprised nuns and student who were unaware of the current situation… but no matter how many times they dodged and turned, the pursuers were relentless and even got fresh reinforcement along the way. Soon both Karo and Brighton could feel tiredness creep into their legs and the gap between them and the nun-squad decreased at an alarming rate.

“Do… something… use… your… magic!” Brighton panted as they entered another corridor in a little used part of the school. “.

“What?” Brighton, sweat dripping down his brow, looked sideways at him.

“You… are… a… wizard!” Brighton wheezed as they rounded another corner “Do… some… magic… damnit!” He almost shouted the last word.

Karo looked at him puzzled, then his face lit up in a smile “You… are right!” He stopped abruptly, “…and I think I have just the right spell memorized!” He turned, and while supporting himself against the wall, pointing a finger back at the corner and shouted some arcane syllables.

As he completed the last phrase, a slight singing sound could vaguely be heard from around the corner amid the shouting of the pursuers then it was drowned by an enormous crash, followed by a cursing and swearing in several different languages that would have made a sailor blush. Judging by the sounds reaching the two men, the entire pursuing force had somehow fallen into confusion, where shouting and trashing sounded to be the norm.

Brighton looked at Karo with surprise “What in Finder’s name did you cast?”

“Summon Chairs!” Karo gave him a weak but proud grin, “… and I think they accidentally tripped over all of them! I guess this will buy us some time before they get themselves untangled!”

“The let us better make use of it!”

Again they set off in a brisk, however slightly slowed run down the corridor, descending a flight of stairs in the end and down into a hug deserted corridor with a few heavy bronze-bound doors at the end. In the wall just to the right at the bottom of the stairs, another smaller wooden door was spotted in the shadows of an ancient tapestry.

Seeing an opportunity, they both quickly jumped through the doorway and threw their weight against the door from the inside, forcing it shut.

For what felt like ages they waited until their pursuers descended the stairs. They stood completely silent as they heard them approach their doors, shouting to each other, but as they heard them pass by and the voices fade away, they finally allowed themselves to relax.

“Phew… We made it!” Karo gasped when he finally had caught his breath

“Yeah” Brighton gulped, “Now, let’s find a way out to Ulf and get the hell away from this place!”

“Oh, I’m afraid I can not allow you to do that!” a brisk but beautiful female voice suddenly purred from behind, making them jump in surprise.

“You see, I’m the appointed guardian of this place, and you… are trespassing!”
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Post by Hogan »

Continuing we are with the second to last part of my fanfic... all hails to Caitlin, the Goddess of D&P who DID originally give permission on this... and then probably promptly regretted it.

Praise to Mravac Kid for using his powers of spellchecking on this...

C&C always appreciated... direct flaming will be dealt with behind the woodshed.

Part 4

With the sensual but threatening voice came a silence that filled the entire room. Karo and Brighton hardly dared breathe, both feeling like their hearts were rolling over and playing dead. Still winded and almost exhausted, this was exactly what they didn’t need.

The silence reigned for what felt like hours, but it hardly took a Dragons breath before it was broken by the songlike female voice “You may turn around now, I would hate to put you down without having seen your faces!”

Karo turned his head slightly and looked sideways at Brighton who looked back. Then they both drew in a deep breath and slowly turned around, prepared for anything.

What they saw wasn’t exactly what they had feared.

The room they has used for refuge was large, about 60x60 feet but sparsely furnitured with benches along the wall and thick tapestries on the walls, which were shrouded in shadows pushed there by the light coming from two braziers in the middle of the room.

Between the two braziers where flames danced in dark colours, a short but without a doubt female figure was standing, facing the two escapees. She was Human, and looked like she was hardly out of her teens, with features of unearthly beauty. She was dressed in the same nun’s outfit like the rest of the staff … and Karo, but her headgear had been substituted by long dark tresses of curly hair spilling down over her shoulders, framing her soft white features and eyes, which seemed to sparkle in the firelight of the braziers.

Both the young men looked at her perplexed, then Karo was the first to come to his senses: ”YOU are THE guardian of this place?” he blurted out, eyeing her short and lithe figure.

Leaning her head a little to the side, she looked at him “Yes, that’s me… appointed by the Headmistress herself by an eternal pact, and bound to keep evil out of these halls… as well as troublesome idiots like you?”
She straightened up and looked at: ”Now, will you care to be turned over to the Headmistress and the Board for your rightful punishment, or do I have to incinerate you where you stand…? It’s your choice, but since you have put me in quite a compromising situation tonight from just getting in, I much hope you choose the latter!”

The cold voice the last sentence was delivered in, as well as the stern hard look she gave them both, stood in an eerie contrast to her beautiful features and chilled the Bard and the Wizard to the core.

Brighton, having taken a little more time to recover from the initial surprise, but now irritated, tired and fed up with being bossed around, stepped forward and gave her a deep mocking bow “Frankly my dear, we don’t give a damn… we are leaving NOW!”. He turned, grabbed the stunned Karo by the shoulder and reached for the door, just as the girl responded in a tone that had ice-cold daggers etched into it.

“Sorry, but leaving was NOT one of your choices…”

The girls last words ended with a word of magic clear as ice, and before Brighton could take another step, a blue line jumped into life around the edges of the door, leaving no mistake about the door now being closed more secure than what a steel bar and assorted locks could ever have managed.

Slowly Brighton let go of Karo and turned back towards the girl who smiled coldly to him “I’m sorry, but the only way out of this room is now through that door” she nonchalantly gestured towards the deep shadows up against a moth-eaten tapestry where the faint outline of a doorway could be spotted “…and as you might notice, you have to get past me to reach it… care to give it a try?” She gave them both what would have been a coy smile if it wasn’t for her shining eyes boring into them like blue daggers.

Brighton swallowed and took a step backwards, reaching for his banjo for comfort then realized that he had left it outside with most of his gear before they started their ‘rescue mission’. He looked back up at the young beautiful girl who had begun flexing her fingers in the most eerie and disturbing way. He started to say something, anything that might get them away from this girl who, though she was shorter than both he and Karo, filled him with an unknown sense of dread, but he was cut short as Karo stepped up, eyes blazing with tired anger.

“Listen, I don’t know who you are or what madness makes you think you can push people around just because you can do a few cantrips? I, on the other hand, am a full-fledged wizard!” he straightened himself, trying to make an imposing figure, not realizing how ridiculous he looked still in the nun’s uniform “… don’t make me use my magic… you wouldn’t like me when I have to use my magic!” He glared at her the most intimidating way he could think of.

There was a brief moment of silence,and then the girl’s clear melodious laughter rang through the chamber.

The look on Karo’s face went from imposed haughtiness to surprise, then over to embarrassment and finally anger.
He pulled back his sleeves, ignoring Brighton’s stuttering pleas from behind and began tracing arcane symbols with his hands.

“Okay, but don’t say I didn’t warn you!” With that he ended his spellcasting with his index-fingers pointing towards the girl, two small purple missiles leaped from the fingertips, and in no time bridged the distance between him and the girl, carrying with them enough paralysing energy to stop a charging boar… just to shatter into harmless sparks inches away from the girl’s raised hand that appeared out of nowhere.

Shocked Karo looked down at his own fingers as though he wasn’t sure how they had failed him, then he looked back up at the girl who smiled coyly at him with her head leaning a little to the side. “What? Is that all?” she purred.

As she gained no response from the dumbfounded Mage, she shrugged… “Well, if that’s how you want it to be… I’ll be glad to oblige you!”
The last sentence came out like a roar of flames and suddenly fire leaped from the braziers to completely encircle the girl. As the flames leapt all over her body, her clothes immediately burned away, leaving a white curvaceous body partially covered by bony plates dark as ebony. In front of their very eyes the lustrous being started to grow while dark-feathered wings erupted from her back, knocking down the braziers, extinguishing their fires.

However, fire was no longer needed for the two heroes to look by, as the 9 feet tall imposing creature in front of them gave off enough reddish light for them to see all too well how much trouble they were in.

Her face still impossible beautiful, but with her brow covered by a dark helmet of bone and eyes visibly burning with twin orange fires, she… for that fact was still impossible to deny, looked down at the cowering adventures, and gave them a mocking stare that bespoke of fire and brimstone.

“So… mortal… show me what magic you have to use against a Guardian Devangel!”

Both Karo and Brighton were too perplexed, shocked and confused to answer in any way, which caused another round of laughter from the hellish creature.

Brighton’s thoughts jumped forth and back… “Oh my… we are going to die… I should have listened… damn you baron… no song… “. He pulled himself backwards up against the door and fumbled for the handle, but the blue lines still held it closed better than bands of steel could possibly have done.
Suddenly he froze and stopped his maniacal fumblings. He looked in horror as he saw Karo once again pick up on an eldritch and complicated spellcasting.

“No you fool!!” Brighton would have yelled if his mouth suddenly hadn’t gone felt completely dry… “You’ll just anger it… we can’t possibly…” he stopped as Karo seemed to draw something out of thin air and hurl it at the otherworldly creature. It struck her right in the chest, leaving a sizzling scorched mark that cut the creature’s laughter short…

“So the mageling still wants to play?” she hissed between clenched teeth “Well then, do your best… and last!” she straightened herself up to full height and eyed Karo with her arms crossed in front of her chest, and a haughty expression on her beautiful face.

Determined anger clearly heard in his voice, Karo once more yelled arcane syllables that send bolts of fire hurtling against the creature to shatter against it leaving no mark whatsoever. Taken aback by the failure, he quickly retaliated with a sizzling ray of frost that didn’t fare better than leaving a mark of ice against the she-devil’s bosom, a mark her inner heat quickly melted away.
Seeing this, Karo’s resolve faltered and he began to stutter the phrases for the last useable spell in his memory.

Brighton shook his head, seeing how Karo’s magic had no effect on their adversary “It’s no use… it’s too strong… out of this world. Magic will not bite on… it!?”
A thought crept into his mind like a stranger in a foreign house. “Was there a way? There might be one, but that would require him to…“

As Karo’s last spell sent a small ball of lighting against the demon, just to have it shatter against some kind of invisible barrier, Brighton drew himself into his own mind, searching for something he knew was there and which he hoped he would still be able to use.
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So its finally time to get to the end of this little tale, my first fanfic I've managed to run to the end.

Thanks to Caitlin for allowing me to play around with her world and creations (even adding a few of my own), and thanks to Mravac for helping me keep this readable.

To anyone who kept up this far... thanks for reading. And remember, C&C is always welcomed and appreciated.

Part 5

As the last spell of attack shattered against her protective shields, the Devangel surveyed the Wizard with a predatory smile. Seeing as there was no more magic coming, she unfolded her hands and looked down at Karo who bent his head in defeat, mentally and magically exhausted. From the folds in his robe a little green creature crawled up and put her head up against his neck. Silently he lifted a hand to caress the little frog.
“Goodbye Athene…” he murmured softly

Seeing his admitted defeat, the Devangel gave a haughty laughter: “Well, that was nice little man… now it’s my time to play!
With a fling of her wrist, a sword of burning light came into being in her hand. Raising it above her head, she took one step approaching Karo, and was just starting on the swing that would bring his painful demise when a roar like that of a mighty beast unlike any who had walked this plane, suddenly sounded through the room, causing the Devangel to halter her swing in surprise.

Jumping out from behind Karo, a grinning and exited Brighton pointed at the sword-wielding adversary while his eyes sought out something behind her, in the directions the roar had come from.

“That’s it Nartak… get her!” he yelled.

With a battlecry the Devangel turned around, throwing up her left arm to send a wave of fire out in the room to catch the unknown beast the Bard obviously had summoned to attack her from behind. The flames spread out in a lethal fan, setting tapestries alike on fire, churning everything in its path.
Sword ready she took a defensive stance as she surveyed the area from which the attack was bound to come from, should anything have survived her massive burst of fire, but as the initial magical fire died down, leaving only smouldering remains of once great tapestries, her keen eyes found neither body nor attacker.

How…” she looked confused at the scorched area… “How could I possibly…?
Then it dawned on her. “It was a trick! Those puny mortals fooled me with a mere trick!

Like lighting she turned back toward the Human intruders, but found the place where they had stood being occupied by… nothing. With a snarl of rage she trust out her hand and send another gush of flames towards the door in the other end of the room where it hit the stout oak-frame, still resounding with the slam of closing.


On the other side of the door, Karo took a step backward from the portal as flames licked through small openings and turned gasping to Brighton “Magic… I didn’t know you too could do magic?”
Before the panting Bard could reply, a roar of incredible rage filtered through the oaken boards. Without wasting any more time, they both turned and ran as fast as they could through the small corridor revealed behind the door…

“It…was… only… an… audible… glamer”, Brighton gasped to Karo as they ran through the torch-lit corridor. “We… learned a little magic in… the academy…”

“Nice!” Karo, running just next to Brighton, replied with a weak grin.

“Better not tell him that I was never really that good at glamers and illusions!” Brighton thought to himself as he tried to put as much distance between himself and the deadly creature obviously making a good job of tearing down the door behind them as she could.

As the sound of splintering wood from behind resounded through the corridor, they came to the end of the corridor… and an ironbound door that practically glowed from layers of protective enchantments.
Crestfallen Brighton looked at the door, then at Karo who shook his head “This is an outer door, and you know as well as I that it’s heavily magically protected to hold anyone out… that was why we entered through the windows, remember? And besides… “He wiped some sweat off his brow “… I’m out of magic.”

They both looked back down the corridor where the glowing image of the stooping Devangel could be seen bearing down on them like a vengeful bird out of hell, rage and murder radiating from each of its movement…

Seeing their doom approaching, Karo suddenly heard a small voice demanding his attention. He reached down in his pocket and pulled out the small frog, who was almost jumping up and down in excitement, then he bend his head down to listen.

Brighton, unable to tear his eyes away from the fast approaching otherworldly creature, heard him faintly…

“Do you really think so? … Well, it’s worth a try!”

He heard a click and suddenly fresh sunlight bathed the tunnel from behind. Surprised he turned around and saw Karo standing grinning in the partly open doorway.

“From the outside!” the young wizard yelled happily: “The enchantments work against those who seek to enter, not those who want to leave. It was obv….” He was cut short as Brighton pushed the door fully open and threw both of them through the doorway.

They exited into a small overgrown terrace situated up against the east side of the monastery’s outer walls. Grass between the stones and a few old chairs showed that it obviously hadn’t seen any use in quite some time. A few hundred yards away they could see the small forest where they had placed their packs and the rest of the equipment before the raid the night before.
From the terrace it seemed like an impossible long distance for the two tired would-be rescuers of a damsel in distress, but another roar of rage from the approaching Devangel behind them lent new strength to their legs, and without further encouragement they set out for the relative safety of the trees.


The furious Devangel pushed her way through the corridors, head bent low and wings scraping along the walls. With each step her anger was raised a level… right know her fury could match a rampaging Tanari!

They tricked me! Those puny mortals tricked me! Somehow they got in without setting off my enchantments, and somehow they managed to get away with it! BUT NO MORE!

As she approached the open door she could see her adversaries in full sprint across the fields for the safety of the trees and she broke into an evil grin. They were not without range yet, and there was no way she could miss them! She would incinerate them and scatter their ashes to the wind! She laughed hoarsely and bent low to push her 9 feet frame through the doorway when suddenly the door came in to meet her.

Almost immune she might be to direct magical attacks, and normal weapons would leave no marks on her body. But the massive oaken door that hit the Devangel square in the face was so imbued with protective enchantments of strength and solidity that the otherworldly being was sent backwards in a wave of pain to stumble up against the wall in the corridor, barely conscious.


Letting go of the door Ulf looked at the moaning otherplanar being on the other side, then he looked after the two fleeing youngsters, still in run sprint for safety, never wasting time looking back.

He snorted “Kids! They can’t even do a single simple quest of entering and rescuing without messing up…!”

He shook his head, wondering what they would have done if he hadn’t decided to wait out the night in the shelter of the monastery wall, right next to the unused terrace. He swore a salty oath, then noticed out of the corner of this eyes that the bludgeoned creature was slowly getting back to consciousness. After taking a better look at her otherworldly features and devilish armoured and fanged body, he decided that perhaps he was better off berating the youngsters in person and set off in a brisk run after the two escapees!


Shaking her head, the Devangel slowly came to her feet and pushed her way through the door while squirming her eyes from the pain in her brow. Supporting herself against the wall, she could just barely make out three figures entering the forest beyond, and she knew that they had passed beyond her reach, beyond the barrier her guardianship encompassed.

Strangely enough she felt no anger, not any more, but in her heart burned the flame of hate, the flame fuelled by the lust for revenge. Soon her term would be over, the deal would be fulfilled for her part and the geas lifted. She would then return home while another would take her place as the centuries old pact with the monastery stated. After that it was just a matter about time before she would find her own way back to this plane, and then she would seek them out and visit her sweet revenge upon them!

She smiled coldly as her body returned to the shape of a young robed novice, then she went back into the corridor, sending a last glance towards the tree-line before she closed the door after her. Her turn would come sooner than they expected…

End ?
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Oh, and what better way to end this than by bring the drawing Cailtin made for the occasion... as well as Mravac's coloring of it? 8)


Hope its all right with both of you?
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I do believe that's what the pic was made for... and I'm certain of the coloring. :)

Though, it refuses to show for me...
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Ehh... now that you say so... for me too? :?
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I see it just fine.
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Let's fix the error, shall we? :)

By mravac_kid at 2005-05-19
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