[19-08-2006] New Items and FR-Stuff

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[19-08-2006] New Items and FR-Stuff

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Well, now we are up at several updates in a year (granted with a few months since the last one), so the future looks promising indeed!

*holds his hands on his back and crosses his fingers*

Lets see, what do we have this time, shall we?

First of all we got two new items added to the 2nd Edition Misc. Stuff section, namely the Regenerative Bandage and Vison's Half-Mask.

But since we haven't forgotten that there's now a 3rd Edition out there, the 3rd Edition Armory has been updated with the Helmet of Holding, a nifty little piece of equipment.

For the gamers, there's also news in the 3rd Edition Forgotten Realms Game-Stuff section!

The following accessories have been added.

Champions of Valor
Dragons of Faerun
Power of Faerun

... as well as the follwing adventures:

Sons of Gruumsh
The Twilight Tomb
Mysteries of the Moonsea

- Hogan
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