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[05-11-2005] New Items... and a few books

Posted: Fri Nov 11, 2005 10:02 pm
by Hogan
I can't believe it almost took me a week after updating to bring this post, but here it is... just for you!

This update saw the adding of a new section to the New Items-section, namly the section for 3rd Edition Gems & Stones!

Already you can find the following items converted from 2nd Edition:

Component Stone
Creature Gem
Danger Stone
Gem of Weather Control
Stone of Stoning

Nice items indeed! :wink:

Besides this, we've also updated with a couple of new novels... the first books in two new Dragonlance-series as a matter of facts!

The first is The Rise of Solamnia with #1: "Lord of the Rose"!
The second series is The Taladas Chronicles where #1 is "Blades of the Tiger"!

Happy reading! 8)