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Postby Hogan » Mon Dec 14, 2009 8:41 pm

Both in Star Pirates and Spybattle, one of the first things you learn is that its not ships and/or equipment that wins the battles... its your stats! A lv 30 with good stats can beat a level 40 with mediocre stats, thats the facts... in both games!

So yes, research is everything. The main reason to get a bigger ship or Safe House, is to get more research or R&D available per cycle! Off course, levelling up is also a must as the extra Energy adds to the researchings.

This maximum potential research is calculated very simply: (max energy * max research) / 900

So, for a player with Engery of 50 and 200 research, the max. possible result on a research cycle where both Energy and Research/R&D are on max, woud be: (50*200)/900 = 11.11 points.

Now, for Star Pirates there are several items you can equip on your ship that helps improve the stats and thereby affect the results, they are:

C1 Technology (+1 Energy)
C3 Technology (+3 Energy)
Cyberlink AI (+1 Research)
Efficient Cyberlink AI (+4 Research)
Cyberpositronic AI (+6 Research)

For Spybattle there are the Scanner Helmets:

Scanner Helmet (+1 Energy, +10 R&D)
Scanner Helmet V2.0 (+2 Energy, +20 R&D)

"Donning a Labcoat" means equipping as much of the abovementioned quipment as you can, then waiting for your research & Energy to max out, and THEN research. This will give you an improved Max result as well as bettering your average research output, so it never hurts, far from, to speculate in having/borrowing a good Labcoat!
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