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This is the stepstone room for the free online games of Star Pirates and Spy Battle.

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Postby Hogan » Sat Nov 07, 2009 2:07 am

This is a forum dedicated to the online games of Star Pirates and Spy Battle, both from Snakeheadgames. Both games are great and, in my eyes, innoventive games of which the former has kept me captive for more than a year :-)
Also the games have had a lot of dealing with the various webcomic communities who've set up fleets and factions the games, having a lot of people game, fight and enjoy in the name of their comic, making this an obviously connection to make to this place :)

This forum is intended as an embassay for both games, allowing people to chat and ask questions, both before and after having joined the game, all to ones leisure.

Star Gazer has agreed to be appointed Ambassador for both games. Knowing her way around and can be found both places, she is the one to answer any questions one can come up with.

Do you want to find an online game to try out? Join us in one of the above! :-)

- Hogan
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