Who's Who in the Wars?

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Re: Who's Who in the Wars?

Postby Hogan » Sat Oct 23, 2010 3:54 pm

Added the Who's Who for Scale's Tale, though its basically a compilation of characters from the other Hub's, but DO tell me who needs to be added and/or removed!

Actually, I could as alwasy need helping hands in going through the various Who's Who's and come up with addings, mugshots and describtions... ;)

... and (Chibi)VOR has been added to the Who's Who of the Forum Wars... though I might move him to the Who's Who for the Evil Overlords when I get that far, he (like ChroniclerC) did more of an appearance and impact there...
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Re: Who's Who in the Wars?

Postby ChroniclerC » Sat Oct 23, 2010 10:19 pm

Oh, by the way, the parenthetical notes in the names were to differentiate the character names from the player names - Dark Killerfish being a character of KillerFish and ChibiVOR being a character of VOR.

Also, let's see if I can't identify the main forum affiliations of people.

Ajac -Forumite (Bunny)
Amon Star - Forumite (Bunny)
Ankhareon - Forumite (Bunny), Artist (KeenFans)
Author-Man - Forumite (Bunny)
B.T. Isaac - Forumite (Bunny)
JStone - Forumite (Bunny)
Dark Killerfish - Forumite (Bunny), Artist (KeenFans)
Loweko - Forumite (Boardie)
Manaknight - Forumite (Boardie?)
Sir Tasnica - Forumite (Wotcher)
Stardrake - Forumite (Boardie)
Squato/Squata - Forumite (Bunny, Wotcher)
ChibiVOR - Forumite (Bunny), Evil Overlords ally

If I messed up or missed an additional affiliation, please correct me.
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Re: Who's Who in the Wars?

Postby Amon Star » Thu Oct 28, 2010 12:14 am

Hogan wrote:Thanks for the name Chronicler, and thanks for the Avatar Amon Star! :cheers:

And yes, I would like to add a few lines of description to the various entries, a little about the Forum-avatars participating, what they were like before getting involved in the Wars (as most have had some kind of "life" before that event" as well as which Forum they can be considered to call their home (EGS/Wotch/CRFH)... :)

OK, a few lines about Amon.

Pre-war, Amon was just a direct author Avatar. However, early in the war he developed a separate identity and became a character in his own right. Soon after be was made Ajac second, because he was willing to call Ajac an idiot to his face.

Major actions during the war included being the first to notice the EOU invasion of the EGS Forums, the one who de-kittified Ajac and fighting Death Bunny with Chronicler C in the final battle.

That enough?
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Re: Who's Who in the Wars?

Postby DatabaseError » Thu Oct 28, 2010 5:36 am

Anyway... Here's a horrible drawing of the Admiral, er, Fleet Admiral Jstone.

I can give a bit of a bio as well: He started off as a well-equipped mercenary, having some Vietnam war era US military equipment, some slightly newer export-model Russian equipment, and a lot of commercially available armaments. After the disappearance of Descenterace, a boardie (?) who was the only real line of orbital defense for Mayhem at that time, and following my major a$$pull of a few spaceships (sorry for being such a stupid newb back then,) Jstone became the liaison to the Terran Defense Fleet. Due to his prominence as a bunny dealing with the space forces - really because of a lot of OOC whining by me - he was given the rank of Fleet Admiral within the (at that time) mostly non-existent EGSDF Space Navy, but used that rank as the combined-forces commander for the space theatre.

As you can see, you'll probably have a hard time separating me and the character at that point in time. He hadn't really diverged that much from me at that time, and his major in-character power trip was an extension of my (minor) out-of-character power trip stemming from being a named character in the comic.

One last thing. I don't know if any of this is relevant, but there's been a bit of weirdness with the name recently. He started off as pretty much a direct self-insert, and so had the same name as me, but around the time of the ChibiTimeWar he had become sufficiently separate from me to be a character in his own right. When I left Mayhem in early 2009 and later returned, I gave a minor retcon of his name: He is now James Redstone, arriving at the "Jstone" name through a different contraction than the one I used. His hair and eye colors have changed as well, but he is from Mayhem. That kind of thing happens. As I said, don't know if that retcon really matters, but I wanted to get it out there in case it does. I don't think he's referred to by full name anywhere in the comic, so it's probably a moot point.
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Re: Who's Who in the Wars?

Postby Hogan » Sat Oct 30, 2010 8:49 pm

... and with the adding of the Who's Who for the Evil Overlords Chronicles, the who set should now be complete! :D

... now, to make them complete with regard to cast, mugshots and descriptions, thats a whole other story and one I hope people will be helping me with along the way... :)

DBE and Amon Star, thanks for you descriptions of your characters. I've added as much as I deemed necessary in order to allow people an idea of what they are before reading the plotling, hopefully nothing too spoilerish, but I would approve of any feedback on that part as their entries most likely will form the norm for future entries...

And DBE... your "horrible drawing" is lightyears ahead of what I am able to do artwise! :o
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