The Cast of Too Many Authors

A tale of MegaMan, Head-of-the-Author, and Roll, Author, Light, and Real-Author (also known as littlebeast), and Amanda, and 8-Bit Author... Gah! Too many authors !

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The Cast of Too Many Authors

Postby Hogan » Tue Aug 11, 2009 10:27 am

When looking at the cast-page for TMA, I remember Dr. Catastrophe's famous words from during the Crossover Wars: "Not every sprite-comic is just a rip-off of Megaman and Mario sprites" (or words to that effect), and I can testify that TMA proves that fact!

Thats one hell of a long list of unique sprite-characters in one comic!

Now, if the forumites from the Crossover Wars would step forward and correct/add to Littlebeast's descriptions so he could get them right... ;)
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Postby littlebeast » Wed Aug 12, 2009 8:54 am

Well, I'm glad you think that, anyway. ;)

Out of curiosity, I went and tallied up the numbers, so...

I've got 22 original characters, 4 of which are authors, and 8 of which are Robot Bastards.
There's 9 from other fiction, of which 7 are from MegaMan.
Then there's 66 :shock: crossover characters, 47 of which are forumites and 4 of which are authors of other comics.
And finally, 14 characters which are irrelevant to the main story, 5 of which are in the upper comic.

Some of them were counted twice, though, such as Cameraman who's both an original character and of a other fictional race.
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