I'm sure I could convince a drunken reaper to join in

Artists unite! Join up for the great Western-themed Halloween Cameo Party of 2006 taking place in the town of Shelterville.

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I'm sure I could convince a drunken reaper to join in

Postby Joff » Thu Sep 28, 2006 12:30 am

I'd like to put my name down, so Steve and Bobby will be there.. Maybe some of the others too..

Postby Hogan » Thu Sep 28, 2006 3:29 pm

A hearthy welcome to Joff of Life & Death who sneak in just before that deadline after having made sure the two buddies got the day off (you did remember to talk to the Old Man, rigth Joff?) for the party!

There's no doubt about the fact that Bobby and Steve will become the Life as well as the Death of the party! 8)

Now you have to excuse me, I'll have to order a couple of tankards more...
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Postby Joff » Fri Sep 29, 2006 9:02 pm

The character models I'm gonna use for the caper[/url]

Postby Darian » Sat Sep 30, 2006 4:43 am

Joff, what's the best way to get in touch with you? try as i might, I cant find email address for you on drunkduck.
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